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I need to be admitted to an emotional hospital

October 23, 2014

There’s something I want to say about loneliness, loneliness can break you as much as abuse of one kind or another. Staring at the walls of your room, you start imagining other people having fun, sharing emotional warmth, and you begin to feel more and more embarrassed and humiliated. As the seconds tick by, and the world continues to spin, people are congregating, a special one is somewhere with someone but not with you, and you are disconnected. You can break down, burst into tears, your confidence begins to crumble, the outside world scares you because you know its expects you to offer something, show a bit of strength, but you have none. And you wonder what it is about you, that you are not with other people, and what it is about other people that they are with people, and you begin to seriously wonder about yourself, develop really bad feelings about yourself, about your ability to integrate. Given the misery you begin to develop inside of yourself, you also start worrying about not having any kind of happiness or bonhomie to offer people, when you do see them. You realise that you will not be capable of normal interaction with people, that what you really need is admittance to some kind of emotional hospital to get you back on your feet.


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