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Unloved & hated children, as adults, don’t want their own children

November 28, 2014

Many people who have been neglected or hated by their parents, children who have been sexually, physically or emotionally abused, end up feeling that something is wrong with them.

Fact is they are full of anguish, fear, anxiety and are unable to feel or show emotional warmth to others – so they are right, something is wrong with them.

Many such children, as adults, have a presentiment that having children would mean that they infect their children with their own dark feelings and incompetence.

A South African lady recently commented,

Sexual abuse is the worst possible abuse that a child can suffer. I have no faith in other people and sometimes even less so in myself. I am who I am today, as a direct consequence of the abuse, mental, physical and sexual, that I suffered. At the age of 52 I finally realise that I can never change what happened. I have learnt to live with my reality. It is not easy. My personal life has been the pits since forever. I have only just this year realised and come to terms with the fact that my relationships with men have never worked; I am constantly drawn to men who are control freaks – same as my sister. I have never married; I never wanted to have children as I was terrified that something was wrong with me.


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